VR Split – Diocletian’s Dream (Virtual Reality Split)

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VR Split is a new tourist attraction in the historic city of Split in Croatia on the Mediterranean. Using virtual reality glasses, participants take a journey back in time to the 4th century in the ancient city of Split. In the 15-minute journey you can see Diocletian’s Palace extremely realistically, as it was in ancient times. It is a great addition to visiting Split Old Town. In the show you can see the well-known buildings in the Diocletian Palace, which you visit in the old town, as they really were 1,700 years ago at the time of the builder and emperor Diocletian. The VR experience in Split is worth it. Performances are every half hour, the number of participants is limited to around 15 each. Be sure to book in advance! Virtual Reality Split is just a two-minute walk from the main entrance to Diocletian’s Palace, the Golden Gate.

Opening hours Diocletian’s Dream (Virtual Reality Split)

You can book the VR show using this link with date and time. There are many performances (every half hour), every day.

Entrance fees VR Split (Diocletian’s Dream)

The whole thing costs 12 euros for adults and 9 euros for children. Sounds like a lot for 15 minutes. In our opinion, it’s worth it – you get a great, extremely realistic impression of Split in the past. In addition, VR with VR glasses is much better than any 3D cinema or similar and a great technological experience. You can choose from different languages, you get headphones. There is also German. Due to the limited places, book online, otherwise you often have to wait a long time on site: tickets are available on this German website

Directions / Way to Diocletian’s Dream (Virtual Reality Split)

You leave the old town or Diocletian’s Palace through the main entrance, the Golden Gate. Past the Nin statue, you walk for 1-2 minutes through a small park and you are at VR Split. Parking: There are larger, paid parking lots near Diocletians Dream.

What can you see in the VR show in Split?

With BR glasses you can look in all directions. You feel realistically transported back to antiquity, to the time of Emperor Diocletian. You see almost all of the old buildings in the palace realistically – in antiquity with the emperor and the people. Among other things, you can see the mausoleum, today’s cathedral, the Temple of Jupiter, the vestibule, the peristyle and the famous cellars under Diocletian’s Palace – all of which can still be seen in the palace today. In the virtual reality split you see everything as it originally looked in ancient times, with emperors, people and slaves. The VR experience is of course packaged in a story, like in a film.

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