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10 Things to do and see in Dubrovnik (Croatia) – our Dubrovnik Top 10 list.

Known for its stunning architecture, crystal clear waters and rich cultural heritage, Dubrovnik is a popular destination for travellers from all over the world. In this article, we explain 15 things you should do and see in Dubrovnik.

Walk on the city walls
One of the most popular activities in Dubrovnik is a walk along the city walls. The city walls, which are over 1,940 metres long, were built in the 13th century to protect the city from invasion. Today, visitors can walk along the city walls and enjoy breathtaking views of the city and the sea.

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Sightseeing in the old town
A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Dubrovnik’s Old Town is full of beautiful architecture and history. Stroll through the narrow streets, visit the many churches and museums and enjoy the sights and sounds of this beautiful city.

By cable car over Dubrovnik
For spectacular views of Dubrovnik and the surrounding area, take the cable car to the top of Mount Srd. From the top you can see the old town, the Adriatic Sea and the neighbouring islands.

Visit the Rector’s Palace
The Rector’s Palace is a beautiful Gothic and Renaissance building that was the seat of Dubrovnik’s government for centuries. Today it houses a museum that showcases the city’s rich cultural heritage.

Bathing at Banje beach
Banje beach is located just a few steps from the old town and is a popular place for swimming and sunbathing. With crystal clear waters and stunning views of the city, this is the perfect place to relax and enjoy the beauty of Dubrovnik.

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Visit the Dubrovnik Cathedral
Dubrovnik Cathedral is an impressive Baroque building from the 18th century. It contains many important religious relics and artefacts, including paintings by Titian.

Take a Game of Thrones tour
Dubrovnik was used as a filming location for many scenes in the hit television series Game of Thrones. Take a guided tour to see where some of the most memorable scenes were filmed.

Explore the island of Lokrum
Just a few minutes by ferry from Dubrovnik is the island of Lokrum, a nature reserve with peacocks, rabbits and other wildlife. It also has beautiful botanical gardens and a medieval monastery.

Stroll along Stradun Street
Stradun Street is the main street in Dubrovnik’s Old Town and is full of shops, restaurants and cafés. Stroll through the streets and enjoy the sights and sounds of this lively city.

Take a boat tour
Explore the beautiful coastline and islands around Dubrovnik on a boat tour. There are many tour operators offering different types of excursions such as snorkelling, swimming and sightseeing.

Visit the Sponza Palace
The Sponza Palace is an impressive Gothic and Renaissance building from the 16th century. Today it houses the National Archives, which contain many important documents related to Dubrovnik’s history.


Tours of Dubrovnik: There are a large number of day trips by bus, boat, kayak … City tours etc.: All bookable on the well-known, German ticket website Getyourguide.


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