Top 10 Old Towns of Croatia

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Here is a list of the 10 most beautiful old towns in Croatia. All of them are on the tourist coast of the Adriatic Sea

Top 10 Old Towns of Croatia

DubrovnikKnown as the “Pearl of the Adriatic”, the Old Town of Dubrovnik is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Croatia and a popular tourist destination. Walk along the city walls and explore the impressive baroque architecture. Practically on every list, Dubrovnik is the top 1 old town in Croatia.

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Dubrovnik, the most beautiful city in Croatia

Split The old town of Split is home to Diocletian’s Palace, a huge 4th century complex that has been preserved and transformed into a lively city centre. In our view, the second most beautiful old town in the country of Croatia.

Rovinj This picturesque town on the Istrian peninsula has narrow streets, charming cafés and stunning views of the Adriatic Sea. Absolutely great old town, high up in the top 10 old towns in Croatia!

View of the town of Rovinj in Istria

Trogir The old town of Trogir is a maze of alleys and walkways leading to a beautiful 15th century cathedral and fortress.

Zadar The old town of Zadar is a mix of Roman ruins, medieval architecture and modern art installations. Don’t miss the Sea Organ, an innovative musical instrument played by the waves. Our favourite old town in Croatia.

Pula The old town of Pula is a treasure trove of ancient Roman ruins, including a huge amphitheatre that once seated more than 20,000 spectators and a well-preserved arena.

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Korcula The old town of Korcula is surrounded by fortified walls and features Gothic and Renaissance architecture, including an impressive cathedral and 15th century tower.

HvarThe old town of Hvar is a lively place with historical sights, trendy bars and fashionable shops. Worth seeing is the 16th century Fortika fortress, which offers spectacular views of the island.

Sibenik The old town of Šibenik is home to the stunning Cathedral of St. James, a UNESCO World Heritage Site known for its unique blend of Gothic and Renaissance architecture.

Rab The old town of Rab is a medieval masterpiece with ancient city walls, beautiful churches and a magnificent central square.

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10 other cities in Croatia with a great old town

Osijek – The old town of Osijek is a fascinating mix of Austro-Hungarian architecture and Croatian tradition, with its colourful buildings and beautiful central square.

Varazdin – The old town of Varazdin is a well-preserved example of Baroque architecture with magnificent palaces, ornate churches and beautiful gardens.

Vukovar – The old town of Vukovar was badly damaged during the Croatian War of Independence, but has since been rebuilt into a vibrant cultural centre.

Ston – The old town of Ston is surrounded by seven kilometres of walls built in the 14th and 15th centuries to protect the town’s salt mines. The impressive fortifications guarding the entrance to the city are worth seeing.

Kastav – The old town of Kastav is a charming mountain village with narrow streets, colourful houses and stunning views of the Kvarner Bay.

Sisak – The old town of Sisak is a mix of historical and modern attractions, including a beautiful castle, a 19th century bridge and a popular seafront promenade.

Nin – The old town of Nin has the world’s smallest cathedral, beautiful Romanesque churches and a charming central square.

Cres The old town of Cres is a maze of narrow streets and hidden courtyards, with medieval architecture and stunning sea views.

Novigrad – The old town of Novigrad is a quiet retreat on the Istrian coast with narrow streets, charming cafés and stunning sea views.

Omis – The old town of Omis is a mix of ancient fortresses, medieval churches and stunning beaches, surrounded by rugged mountains and the beautiful River Cetina. Be sure to visit the Mirabella Fortress, which offers panoramic views of the town and surrounding area.

These 20 ancient cities in Croatia offer a glimpse into the country’s rich history and culture with their stunning architecture, ancient ruins and charming streets. Whether you’re exploring the beautiful coastline or venturing into the heart of Croatia, these cities are well worth a visit.


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