Kupari (site of ruins near Dubrovnik)

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Kupari is a small seaside town about 10 km south of Dubrovnik in Croatia. Before the war in Yugoslavia in the early 90s, it was a well-known coastal town with a great beach and luxury hotels. The luxury resort of Kupari was pretty much destroyed during the war and has not been rebuilt to this day. One can see the ruins of decaying luxury hotels everywhere in Kupari. A strange sight in the rich Dubrovnik region.

It is completely unclear to us why no one wants to invest here. The mega-tourism resort of Dubrovnik with a lack of accommodation is just a few kilometers from Kuparo. Dubrovnik Airport in the other direction is also not far away. From our point of view, there are also beautiful beaches in Kupari. It would actually be an ideal place for a million-dollar investment.

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The beautiful beach of Kupari, hotel ruins in the background

Today many locals come to Kupari beach around Baden. The beach is well attended. The roads to the beach are as dilapidated as the buildings. Be careful when driving, there are potholes and unpaved gravel roads. Parking is easy and free on the beach. However, you can’t buy anything here. At least when we visited Kupari Beach on a warm Sunday in April 2024, there was nothing. No coffee, water or even a restaurant. Very sad that nothing is invested in Kupari,

One of the many ruins in Kupari

By the way, Kupari used to host mainly elite members of the Yugoslav army. The area was heavily contested during the war.

Directions to Kupari: Drive south from Dubrovnik on the coastal road. In Kupari, turn right at the intersection. Buses on line 10 between Dubrovnik and Cavtat also stop about twice an hour in both directions on the thoroughfare in Kupari.

Nearby is the city of Dubrovnik and the resort of Mlini

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