Dubrovnik city tour by bus

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Most of the major attractions in Dubrovnik are in the Old Town. The old town with the city walls and the famous old buildings is the reason why Dubrovnik is the most visited tourist destination in the entire Balkans. The old part of Dubrovnik can only be explored on foot. Buses cannot go to the old town.

Many tourists also want to explore the surrounding area of the city. There are bus tours that are often booked. The comments about such city tours in Dubrovnik on the Internet are also very positive. Bus tours in Dubrovnik can be booked cheaply on Getyourguide: >>>> Click here

The trips go into the hinterland and to small villages around Dubrovnik with minibuses. The stops on the city tours at places with great views are particularly popular.

Great day tour to the small country of Montenegro from Dubrovnik: More information and booking on this link

You can see the city of Dubrovnik with the old town from above. The island of Lokrum and other islands in the Adriatic can also be seen from magnificent panoramic locations. You can take great photos on such city tours. The buses stop at the panoramic points and you can get off to look and take photos. The views of the city from the mountains are truly magnificent.

Dubrovnik with the old town from above on a bus tour

Most bus tours around Dubrovnik can be booked online. We would particularly recommend a city tour of 90 minutes, which can be booked on the well-known website Getyourguide:   >>> Click here

This city tour begins in the center of Dubrovnik city, in front of the entrance to the old town, the Pile Gate. Departures are several times a day. This tour uses minibuses with approximately 22 seats for passengers. Larger buses cannot travel on the narrow roads in the mountains around Dubrovnik. You get headphones that you can plug in next to the seat.

Tours from Dubrovnik: There are a large number of day trips by bus, boat, kayak… City tours etc.:  All can be booked on the well-known ticket website Getyourguide.

You get a lot of information in the selected language via the headphones. The drivers are nice and helpful. A great city tour for just 25 euros when booked online. This is very cheap in extremely expensive Dubrovnik:  >>> More info and booking

Another great stop on the bus tour described here is at the bridge with the road towards Split


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