Medulin Riviera

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The Medulin Riviera is the unofficial name of a region in the south of the Istrian peninsula in the north of Croatia. The Medulin Riviera consists of 4 localities. Tourism has developed strongly in all of them over the last decades. The busiest place is Medulin itself. The other 3 places are Banjole, Premantura and Pomer. The southern tip of Istria, Cape Kamenjak, also belongs to the Medulin Riviera region.

The 4 villages are all about 10 kilometres south of the large city of Pula, the economic and tourist centre of the area.


The main village (see picture) is Medulin. Here you will find most of the hotels, restaurants and beaches. Because of the importance of Medulin we have written a separate article about this place. You can find it on this link.

Medulin, village view from the sea


The first place west of Medulin is the small village of Medulin. The place still seems quite unspoilt, tourism has not yet changed everything as much as in Medulin, for example.

The Kirce of Pomen on the Medulin Riviera with the freestanding tower

One place of interest is the church. The main street runs between the freestanding bell tower and the church building. The town hall is right next door.

The narrow bridge for pedestrians between Pomer and Premantura

The strange bridge between Pomer and the neighbouring town of Premantura is also a must-see. You can walk across the sea on the footbridge. However, the bridge is very narrow and has no safety features such as railings or the like. Dangerous especially with children, for non-swimmers etc.

Premantura and Cape Kamenjak

The next village is Premantura. We didn’t find the larger village particularly exciting. There are many dead ends and the like, we got lost several times.

More interesting is the large area south of Premantura, Cape Kamenjak. It is popular with hikers and water sports enthusiasts like kayakers. Large parts of Cape Kamenjak are nature reserves. Most of the roads here are not tarred, but many are still easily passable. Cape Kamenjak is the southern tip of Istria.

Cape Kamenjak, in the south of Istria


There are remarkably many campsites here. We also saw some beautiful beaches. There are some good restaurants in Banjole with fresh fish and seafood from local fishermen.

Beach in Banjole on the medulin Riviera

Since we were on the Medulin Riviera in April, the beaches in the photos are deserted. In summer, of course, this is quite different. But the region is not yet totally overcrowded. There is still enough space on most of the beaches. As I said, the main town of Medulin is the busiest, especially on Bijeca beach. The most famous beach in the south of Istria.

Also south of Pula, west of the Medulin Riviera, is the Aquarium Pula, which is well worth seeing.

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