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The village of Medulin (about 6,000 inhabitants) is the centre of the tourist region of Rievera of Medulin in the south of Istria (northern Croatia). The village is only about 10 km away from the well-known city of Pula. Medulin is a destination for bathing holidaymakers, but water sports and other activities are also offered.

View Place Medulin in Istria, CroatiaOne advantage of a holiday in Medulin is the proximity to great cities like Pula and Rovinj, which invite you to a day trip. The centre of Medulin is the beautiful promenade (see picture below). Here you will find cafés, bars, restaurants and shops. In the harbour in front of the promenade are hundreds of boats, including some yachts.

The modern promenade of Medulin in Istria

This part of Medulin is on a peninsula. On the other side, only about 200 metres behind the promenade, is the most famous and best beach in the area. The sandy Bijeca beach is very busy in summer. Everyone in Pula and the surrounding area knows Bijeca beach. The picture below shows the empty beach before the season.

Bijeca beach in Medulin in winter

The Medulin Riviera holiday region includes the main town of Medulin as well as the villages of Pomer, Premantura and Banjole. >>> To our article about the whole Medulin Riviera

Day trips are offered by boats from the port of Medulin. Most of them go to the southern tip of Istria, Cape Kamenja and to smaller islands in the area. There are often dolphins in the area. If you are lucky, you can see dolphins on such a boat trip from Medulin. There are also excursion boats that specialise in dolphin watching.

A few hundred metres from the centre of Madulin there are other great beaches such as Belvedere beach. Further afield, such as at Cape Kamenja, there are many smaller beaches that are not very busy even in the high season. On the peninsula of Vižula, a short walk north of Madulins, is a well-known archaeological site.

So Medulin is a holiday resort with many possibilities: Beach, excursions to great towns and by boat into nature. Moreover, there are many good restaurants and the prices in Medulin are ok.

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