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The city of Dubrovnik is one of the cities in Europe. similar to Venice, where “overtourism” is seen as a problem. This means that from the point of view of many locals, there are too many tourists in Dubrovnik. And there are more and more. The prices continue to rise accordingly. In our opinion, Dubrovnik is now one of the most expensive cities in Europe. This applies to pretty much everything. Accommodation, food and drink, entrance fees and much more. Due to the high demand (i.e. a lot of tourists) the prices rise to astronomical heights.

A good example is the entrance fees for the sights: A walk on the city walls of Dubrovnik – 35 euros entry per person. A trip to the Lokrum islands a few minutes by boat costs 27 euros (including entry to the island, but which other island costs entry?). A short cable car ride up Dubrovnik Srd’s local mountain also costs around 27 euros. The madness.

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Food and drink: A pizza in a restaurant in the old town of Dubrovnik usually costs just under 20 euros, a main course with meat or fish often costs 25 euros or more. And this is often of poor quality. For a scoop of ice cream in Dubrovnik you pay between 2 and 3.50 euros. Drinks usually cost a lot. Often 5 euros or more for a small cola. Wine a lot more. There is hardly any fast food and the like. In the entire Dubrovnik region, despite the many American tourists, no Mac Donalds, Burger King…. Only the expensive classic restaurants. Here you can get hamburgers for 15 (!) euros. Larger supermarkets such as Lidl and Kaufland with normal prices can only be reached outside the city (about 5 km) by car.

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Accommodation: Prices vary greatly depending on the season in Dubrovnik. However, the price level is similar to Venice. Finding a simple room for less than 200 euros in the summer is not that easy. Switching to places in the surrounding area or in spring or autumn is better for your vacation budget.

Why these extreme prices in Dubrovnik?

Prices are determined by supply and demand. If demand increases because so many tourists come, prices also increase. Due to limited space and other reasons, the supply of hotels, restaurants, etc. cannot grow as quickly as demand.

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Another reason is the many tourists from countries outside Europe in Dubrovnik. These visitors are willing to pay the high prices. Tourists from America, Australia, Japan and China are sometimes used to high prices at home. In addition, many rich people come to Dubrovnik, including from cruise ships. Every day several cruises with thousands of visitors dock in Dubrovnik.

The city of Dubrovnik and the state of Croatia are also to blame for the high prices. For example, the high entrance fees to public attractions.

How can I save money in Dubrovnik?

If you need or want to save money, you should order a Bolt taxi in Dubrovnik using your smartphone, much cheaper than normal taxis (not only in Dubrovnik). You should first find out about restaurants that aren’t that expensive online and definitely not eat in Dubrovnik’s old town. You can also bring drinks with you on a trip to Dubrovnik. Accommodation outside of the city can be significantly cheaper. There are also public buses in the region with normal prices.

Unfortunately, I hardly have any tips for inexpensive food in Dubrovnik. The Croatian bakeries outside the old town (Pekara in Croatian) are not quite as expensive.

Also yes and one more thing: parking – this costs around 10 euros per hour in Dubrovnik. An impudence! Either take the bus or park outside and take Bolt (5 km around 7 euros) to the old town. Under no circumstances should you pay over 50 euros for a parking space for a day around the old town.

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