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Overview of parking spaces and the high parking prices in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik attracts an incredible number of tourists. This means the city is completely overwhelmed. The prices of accommodation, food, etc. have been rising and rising over the last few decades. Dubrovnik in Croatia is now one of the most expensive cities in all of Europe. We think the price level is even higher than in Venice.

This also applies to parking spaces. There are too few multi-story parking garages and, above all, too few parking spaces near the tourist old town. However, there are extremely expensive parking options around the famous old part of Dubrovnik. In 2024 you will pay around 8 to 10 euros per hour (!) for a parking space. You can easily add up to 50 euros or more for parking on a day trip to Dubrovnik. Pure madness!

Of course the locals don’t pay for this. As with us, there are such things as resident parking spaces. Tourists are not allowed to use these, even with a rental car and a Croatian license plate.

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What can I do to avoid paying so much for parking in Dubrovnik?

Everyone who knows their way around Dubrovnik has a different tip.

You can park outside and walk into town. If you’re willing to walk about 2 kilometers or more, you can, with a bit of luck, find one of the many parking spaces with cheaper prices (around 3 to 5 euros per hour). This is of course harder and a further way in summer than in winter.

You can park in a suburb and take the bus to Dubrovnik. For example, the town of Mlini is a good option. But be careful: not all buses go to the old town of Dubrovnik (ask for a bus to the Pile Gate or Pile Gate). There are also lines that only serve the old town in summer.

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Our tip: Park outside and take a taxi there and back. But normal taxis are also expensive in Dubrovnik. You should download the Bolt app on your cell phone and order a Bolt taxi. These are very cheap. We often park at Lidl or Kaufland (see Google Maps or similar) and order a Bolt for around 8 euros. Distance about 6 km. Outside the high season you can also find a free parking space closer to the old town and continue with Bolt.

If you want to take the cable car up Mount Srd, you can drive up, park for free at the top (usually enough parking spaces) and then take the cable car into town. However, it costs 27 euros per person. Only makes sense for visitors to Dubrovnik who wanted to take the cable car anyway.

For example, you can park in the town of Cavtat and take the ferry to Dubrovnik. You arrive directly at the old harbor in the old town, the ships leave several times an hour. Unfortunately, the ferries now cost 15 to 20 euros there and back.

If you want to park in Dubrovnik, it is better to search for and reserve (book) a parking space online beforehand. There are a lot of offers. But be careful: how far is it to walk to the old town? I can find the parking lot by car, Dubrovnik essentially consists of one-way streets. Finding something on your first visit to the city is very difficult. Use navigation or something similar.

Beware of rip-offs. Private parking lots in Dubrovnik often don’t tell you how much it costs. The big bill comes afterwards. Under no circumstances should you park incorrectly! This will be much more expensive and cause a lot of trouble! Parking in the local parking spaces, disabled parking spaces, etc. in Dubrovnik is also not a good idea!

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