The Peristil in Split

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The Peristil is the central square of Split, Croatia, a city rich in history and culture. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore what Peristil means to current and past visitors. The Peristyle is the central square of Diocletian’s Palace, the main historical attraction in Split and the central square of the Old Town.

The peristyle in Split today

Description of the square: The Peristil is a rectangular square surrounded by ancient columns and Roman architecture. It serves as a lively meeting place for locals and tourists who want to experience the beauty and atmosphere of this historic place.

The architecture of Peristil is impressive and shows the Roman influence on the city of Split. The striking columns and arches give the square a majestic atmosphere and make it a popular photo opportunity.

Cultural Events: The Peristil is a center for cultural events and performances. Visitors can enjoy traditional music, dance performances and theater performances that bring Croatia’s rich culture and history to life.

Attractions at the square: In addition to its historical significance, Peristil offers a wide range of tourist attractions. Visitors can learn more about local history at the nearby Diocletian’s Palace, the Cathedral of St. Domnius (right on the square), and the Archaeological Museum. A staircase also leads from Peristil Square to the well-known cellars of Diocletian’s Palace.

Peristil split in the past

Roman History: The Peristil was built in the 3rd century AD as part of Diocletian’s Palace, which Emperor Diocletian had built as a retirement home. The square was the center of political, religious and cultural activities in old Split.

Imperial Ceremonies: In Roman times, the peristyle was used for imperial ceremonies and public events. Emperor Diocletian himself often spoke about his subjects in the square and took part in religious ceremonies and festivals.

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Religious Significance: With the Christianization of the area, the Peristyle became an important religious center. The Cathedral of Saint Domnius, located right next to the square, was built on the foundations of an ancient mausoleum and became the center of the Christian faith in Split.

Changes over time: Over the centuries, Peristil Square has undergone various changes and restorations that have shaped its meaning and use. Nevertheless, the square has retained its ancient atmosphere and remains an important landmark of the city to this day.

The Peristil is a fascinating place that has played an important role in Split’s past and present. As a center of culture, history and architecture, the square is a must-see for any visitor who wants to experience Split’s rich past and vibrant present. The Peristil is one of the biggest highlights in Split for visitors.

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