Blue Grotto (Bisevo Island, Croatia)

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The Blue Grotto (also called Modra Spilja in Croatian) is a stunning sea cave on the island of Bisevo in Croatia. This natural wonder is famous for its brilliant blue water and the fascinating way to navigate through it, which creates a magical blue glow that amazes visitors. Here is a comprehensive guide for those who want to visit the Blue Grotto. The water cave is very famous and the most visited sight in the wider Split area.

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Location and directions to the Blue Grotto

The Blue Grotto is located on the island of Bisevo in the Adriatic Sea off the coast of Croatia. The nearest town is Komiza on the island of Vis, about 5 nautical miles away. The island of Bisevo itself has only about 10 to 20 permanent inhabitants.

You can reach Bisevo by ferry or catamaran from Split or the island of Vis. To reach the Blue Grotto, you can take a boat trip from Komiza. The journey time from Split is usually about 2 hours. Visitors can also hire a private boat or kayak to visit the cave. It is even better to book a tour. Please note that access to the caves is weather dependent. You will not be able to enter the caves during strong winds and rough seas.

Opening hours and entrance fees Blue Grotto

The Blue Grotto is open to visitors from May to October, although opening times vary somewhat depending on the season. In high season the cave can be very crowded, so we recommend visiting early in the morning to avoid the crowds. Access to the Blue Grotto is regulated by the local authorities to protect the cave’s fragile ecosystem. Visitors are not allowed to swim or touch the walls in the cave. The entrance fee is currently around 9 euros per person for a 15-minute visit in a boat.

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Exploring the Blue Cave

Visitors are taken by boat to the Blue Grotto, where they enter the cave through a small entrance on the side of the cliff. The cave is about 24 metres long, 10-12 metres wide and up to 15 metres high. The water in the cave is crystal clear and is known for its bright blue colour, which is created by the reflection of sunlight on the white sandy floor of the cave.

The highlight of the cave is the magical blue glow that occurs when sunlight enters the cave through small openings in the water. The phenomenon is most spectacular between 11am and 12pm, but can be observed throughout the day, depending on the weather. However, it is best in the late morning, around 10 am to 1 pm. The colour of the water varies from deep blue to turquoise depending on the weather, time of day and season. You should definitely come to the cave on a day with sunshine to the water cave Modra Spilja-.

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Visitors cannot swim in the cave, but they can take photos and admire the stunning surroundings. It is important to respect the fragile ecosystem of the Blue Grotto and not to touch the water or the cave walls. You are not allowed to get out of the boat.

The Blue Grotto is a natural wonder not to be missed on your trip to Central Croatia. With its stunning blue waters, magical glow and tranquil surroundings, it is the perfect place for those who want to forget everything.

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